11 May, 2015
The Hexagon Geospatial Defence Summit 2015 - Western Europe is dedicated to defence, security, IMINT and CIMIC communities in the Western European countries.

Hexagon Geospatial provides powerful, highly dynamic, intuitive defence solutions to assist intelli­gence, mili­tary, and defence organizations world-wide in meeting the many challenges they face in their day to day ope­rations and in responding to emergency relief situations.

The event is organized by the companies Imagem and GEOSYSTEMS, both Hexagon Geospatial Channel Par­tners in the Netherlands resp. Germany. The 1st Hexagon Geospatial Defence Summit ranks with well-es­tab­lished national defence seminars that were hosted by those companies in the last years.

The Defence Summit starts with a pre-conference, hands-on training mainly for image analysts, planners and de­cision makers who are eager to experience the powerful defence solution workflows with Hexagon Geo­spatial products.

The conference itself starts at the second day, and the programme will be packed with technology updates, ex­clu­sive user presentations and valuable input from data providers and industry partners - not to forget the bound­less opportunities for networking and socializing.

This event will be hosted to you on the tripoint of the borders between Germany, The Netherlands and Bel­gium, on the Vaalserberg, near the city of Aachen.

Participation to the event is open to military and related personnel throughout Europe, and is free of cost, ex­clu­ding travel and accommodation expenses. The classification level of the event is unclassified. The dress code is business casual.
Programme Update
(11 May, 2015)

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