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16.10 - 18.10.2018

Come and see exciting geospatial products and solutions by GEOSYSTEMS and Hexagon Geospatial. The team of GEOSYSTEMS welcomes you in hall 12.1 at booth D.051.

These are the main topics at our booth:

M.App Enterprise is an on-premises platform for creating geospatial apps for your organization following the "Monitor - Evaluate - Act" paradigm. With this platform, you can easily monitor real-world changes, evaluate the impact, and act on the results. With M.App Enterprise, you can access Smart M.Apps from any device anywhere within your organization's network for real-time answers.

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Advanced spatial modelling for streamlined workflows: GEOSYSTEMS offers extended know-how and experience with the graphical spatial data modeling within ERDAS IMAGINE. Especially for streamlining Sentinel workflows, GEOSYSTEMS has build unique processing chains enabling automated downloading and processing of Sentinel satellite data. With the new ERDAS IMAGINE version 2018, also machine learning operators are available, leveraging classification onto a new level.

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IMAGINE UAV enables you to build an entire end-to-end workflow for UAV data. With this unified solution, you no longer need multiple vendors, interfaces, or viewers for an end-to-end UAV workflow from raw data to the creation of critical business information. IMAGINE UAV derives automatically high-quality geoinformation from your UAV data.

  • The required products of an UAV survey such as point cloud, orthomosaic, digital elevation model (DSM) and 3D mesh are available within some hours.
  • The IMAGINE UAV workflow is an ERDAS IMAGINE Spatial Model and available as add-on.
  • IMAGINE UAV uses Agisoft PhotoScan algorithms and embeds PhotoScan in ERDAS IMAGINE.

To build an end-to-end workflow with IMAGINE Professional, you simply append additional spatial model operators for added functionality to the IMAGINE UAV spatial model or a full analytical solution, i.e. create NDVIs, classify point clouds, calculate volume and more.

See a presentation about the end-to-end workflow with IMAGINE UAV at the Interaerial Solutions IAEXPO Forum at the 17-Oct 2018 at 10.40 a.m.

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Rheticus: From now on satellite-based information are at your fingertip. Simply login to the web platform and get insightful geo-analytics, maps and alerts over your area of interest. Actionable information from continuous monitoring of Earth’s surface and infrastructures is ready to assist you in decision-making and operational activities.

  • Cloud-Based Indicators
  • Maps reports and alerts
  • Satellite derived information
  • Subscription based
  • Backward analysis and continuous update