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NEW: High-precision cloud masks and cloudless mosaics

IMAGINE NoClouds calculates cloud/haze/shadow mask for Sentinel data and generates cloudless mosaics.

GEOSYSTEMS has developed a new add-in module for ERDAS IMAGINE that is available as of now: IMAGINE NoClouds!

Packed with state-of-the-art algorithms and easy-to-use, this module is your best choice for excellent cloud masks and cloudless Sentinel mosaics.

Running in a fully automated process from start to end, the tool calculates high-precision cloud masks from a stack of Sentinel-2 images. It classifies not only different types of clouds but also haze and cloud shadows.

Considering the computed cloud and cloud shadow masks and utilising an advanced algorithm, IMAGINE NoClouds generates a cloudless mosaic for a stack of images from different dates. Due to the advanced algorithms, IMAGINE NoClouds needs scenes from a very short period of time (one to two months) only.

The advanced algorithms are realized as a Spatial Model and implemented into ERDAS IMAGINE.

More informationen: IMAGINE NoClouds