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IMAGINE UAV 1.8 for 2020 is released

The new version IMAGINE UAV 1.8 for 202 is compatible with the latest ERDAS IMAGINE version 2020 and can be downloaded by now.

Highlights of the new version IMAGINE UAV 1.8 for 2020

  • Provides operators in 32 and 64 bit for IMAGINE 2020 (two independent installers)
  • Update to Agisoft Metashape 1.5.5 (included in installer)
  • Improved licensing processes
  • Improved integration in Python
  • Bugfixes

IMAGINE UAV derives automatically high-quality geoinformation from your UAV data. The required products of an UAV survey such as point cloud, orthomosaic, digital elevation model (DSM) and 3D mesh are available within some hours. The IMAGINE UAV workflow is an ERDAS IMAGINE Spatial Model and available as add-on module. IMAGINE UAV uses Agisoft Megashape algorithms and embeds Metashape into ERDAS IMAGINE. It allows useful end-to-end workflows.

Go to IMAGINE UAV website!

Download IMAGINE UAV 1.8 for 2020

Contact: GEOSYSTEMS Support