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IMAGINE NoClouds 1.1 for 2020 is released

The new version IMAGINE NoClouds 1.1 for 2020 is compatible with the latest ERDAS IMAGINE version 2020 and can be downloaded by now.

Highlights of the new version IMAGINE NoClouds 1.1 for 2020

  • Two separate installers for 32 and 64 bit
  • Reduced memory usage (uses instead of VSK)
  • Improved handling of manifest file list. Parsing is more robust.
  • Bugfixing

IMAGINE NoClouds calculates cloud/haze/shadow mask for Sentinel data and generates cloudless mosaics. In 2019, IMAGINE NoClouds won the Wichmann Innovations Award for best software.

Running in a fully automated process from start to end, the tool calculates high-precision cloud masks from a stack of Sentinel-2 images. It classifies not only different types of clouds but also haze and cloud shadows. Considering the computed cloud and cloud shadow masks and utilising an advanced algorithm, IMAGINE NoClouds generates a cloudless mosaic for a stack of images from different dates. Due to the advanced algorithms, IMAGINE NoClouds needs scenes from a very short period of time (one to two months) only. The advanced algorithms are realized as a Spatial Model and implemented into ERDAS IMAGINE.

Go to the IMAGINE NoClouds website for more information!

Download IMAGINE NoClouds 1.1 for 2020

Contact: GEOSYSTEMS Support