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ATCOR Workflow for IMAGINE 1.2 for 2020 is released

The new version ATCOR Workflow for IMAGINE 1.2 for 2020 is compatible with the latest ERDAS IMAGINE version 2020 and ready for download by now.

Highlights of the new version ATCOR Workflow for IMAGINE 1.2 for 2020

  • Add elevation repository including new options operator and adapted EML interface for ATCOR3
    • Saves time, especially when doing time series calculations.
  • Project metadata (such as acquisition date, solar zenith or solar azimuth) can now be accessed via the Dictionary Operator for further usage in a SpatialModel.
  • Dehaze option integrated in ATCOR2 and ATCOR3 dialogue.
  • Two separate installers for 32 and 64 bit.
  • Supports VENUS and Superview-1 sensors.
  • Update to the newest version of ATCOR (v9.3) including output of cloud shadow mask.
  • Update to IDL Runtime version 8.7.

ATCOR Workflow for IMAGINE removes haze and thin clouds on satellite image data and corrects relief effects. You produce not only brilliant images, but generate image data with true spectral reflectance values.

ATCOR Worflow for IMAGINE is integrated as Spatial Model in ERDAS IMAGINE and needs an IMAGINE Essentials license as a basis. The handling of this module is very intuitive thanks to intelligent default settings. Even beginners can see results immediately. At the same time, all parameters can be set individually in order to work with almost any data quality and many data formats (more than 30 satellite sensors are supported). Go to ATCOR Workflow für IMAGINE website for more information!

Download ATCOR Workflow for IMAGINE 1.2 for 2020

(64 bit installer for download. 32 bit Installer upon request at

Contact: GEOSYSTEMS Support