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ATCOR Workflow for IMAGINE 2020 - Update 1.2.2

Now for the 2nd generation of PlanetScope! The Update for the ERDAS IMAGINE add-on for atmospheric correction of satellite data.

An update is now available for ATCOR Workflow for IMAGINE 2020 that includes numerous improvements. This update 1.2.2 supports the 2nd generation of PlanetScope sensors as a new feature and provides significant quality improvements for existing sensors such as SPOT-7, Venus, Superview-1, Pleiades and Landsat-8.

An atmospheric correction of PlanetScope data with ATCOR Workflow for IMAGINE 2020 is a high-quality correction that also takes into account the terrain information and removes both haze and cirrus clouds. This procedure sets ATCOR Workflow for IMAGINE apart from other, already available "Surface Reflectance" products.

ATCOR Workflow for IMAGINE is an add-on for ERDAS IMAGINE for the atmospheric and topographic correction of satellite image data. In an intuitive workflow and with outstanding algorithms, you clear your image data of haze, disturbances in the atmosphere and influences of the relief. The result is a brilliant satellite image with real spectral values; the optimal basis for multitemporal analyzes.

Download ATCOR Workflow für IMAGINE 2020 1.2.2