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Automatic photogrammetric processing of UAV data in ERDAS IMAGINE.

IMAGINE UAV is the ERDAS IMAGINE add-on module for the automated photogrammetric processing of UAV data.
IMAGINE UAV is realized as a spatial model and embeds Agisoft Metashape in ERDAS IMAGINE.

The current release 2.0 is compatible with ERDAS IMAGINE 2022 and offers the following improvements:

  • Adjusted parameterization of vertical flights of terrestrial 3D objects
  • Definition of pixel size for orthophoto mosaics and raster DOMs
  • Automatic creation of project report file as PDF
  • Export of tiled 3D models in OGC 3D format (direct use in LuciadRIA)
  • Support of the current Agisoft Metashape version 1.7.5 (included in installer)

A new license is necessary for IMAGINE UAV 2022. Please contact to get your new IMAGINE UAV license.

Download IMAGINE UAV 2022