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The HEART project: Health and well-being in the city

Nature Based Solution for Cities! How Satellite Date can Support this.

Together with our partner company in Greece, GEOSYSTEMS Hellas, we are involved in an EU project named HEART (HEAlthier cities Through blue-green Regenerative Technologies). The HEART project researches health conditions in cities and develops integrated methods (Nature Based Solutions NBS) and technologies for modern urban planning and revitalization.

Coordinated by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), the HEART project was launched in March 2021 and brings together partners from academia and from different disciplines such as health, urban planning, sociology, technology and innovation, as well as cities and regions and their utilities (water, green infrastructure, environment). The project is focused on three demo sites: Athens (Greece), Aarhus (Denmark) and Belgrade (Serbia). Much of the data collection is based on clinical studies of population health and well-being in these cities. So-called "wearables", i.e. sensors worn on the body that measure certain physical functions, are also integrated into these studies. This allows us to identify which factors in urban environments promote people's health and well-being, and which do not.

The Greek-German GEOSYSTEMS team is looking at both sentinel data for time series analysis and high resolution satellite data (e.g. WorldView or Planet) for surface elevation models. GEOSYSTEMS products for automatic data preparation including atmospheric correction and cloud masks will be used. The given health parameters can be ideally mapped with the Spatial Modeler in ERDAS IMAGINE and then tested over several project areas.

The goal of HEART is to fuse heterogenous data sources, consider human and physical geographic factors in urban environments, and develop integrated methods for modern urban planning in tandem with smart cities technologies. We are very proud to be part of this interdisciplinary team in the HEART project towards the vision of green, healthy cities. The project will run until 2023.

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