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M.App Workshop at EARSeL Symposium 2019

Learn more about dynamic M.Apps and mobile applications at the GEOSYSTEMS M.App workshop.

You know about spatial data, geo-processing and mapping. Wouldn’t it be cool to take these ingredients, use clever-made templates, and compose meaningful digital maps within a fraction of time? Within this workshop we will go for a stroll through Hexagon’s Smart M.App technology. By just using your browser we will geo-process Sentinel data and use the results to configure a complete digital map with dynamic content and meaningful business intelligence. We will configure a mobile application and collect new and fresh data, which will be used to update our Smart M.App dynamically. You will get an insight and experience to produce a smart and a mobile application – no programming, just composing!

GEOSYSTEMS is sponsor of the 39th EARSeL Symposium 2019!

M.App workshop with GEOSYSTEMS: Thursday, 4-Juli 2019, 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

39. EARSeL Symposium