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A Can Flies Into Space

GEOSYSTEMS supports high school student team at the ESA CanSat competition.

A CanSat is a "satellite" in the size of a soda can, that is designed, built and programmed by high school student teams in Germany. This mini-satellite is brought into space to a height of several hundred meters by a rocket, and then sinks to the ground on a parachute. The purpose of the satellite is to perform measurements and other tasks for which it has been designed.

The European Space Agency ESA has initiated the CanSat competition, which is taking place for the sixth time this year. Ten student teams from Germany participate in the competition and develop and build their CanSat. From the 23rd to the 27th of September 2019 all CanSats will be started in Bremen and then the winners will be announced.

For the second time, a group of dedicated and gifted students of the Humboldt-Gymnasium Vaterstetten participate at CanSat. Their satellite will use two cameras to create a stereoscopic image of the ground, creating an elevation  map of the ground. The young talents have aroused our interest with this topic, and we are pleased to support the project financially and with know-how.

The students are leading a blog about the CanSat project. Take a look at

All information about the CanSat competition can be found here.