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  • Can I test the software before buying it?

    Free trial version is limited to 30 days of usage.

  • I want to buy ATCOR. How do I get the software and how much does it cost?

    ATCOR is available either directly from GEOSYSTEMS GmbH or your local Hexagon Geospatial distributor. Please see the ATCOR Purchase Website for details.

  • Does ATCOR for IMAGINE support hardware keys?

    Currently ATCOR for IMAGINE cannot be licensed for a hardware key/dongle.

  • The sensor I am using is not mentioned in the list of supported sensors. What shall I do?

    In case a sensor does not show up in the list, any other sensor can be selected instead, provided it has the same (or very similar) spectral bands. A similar spatial resolution is not required. For sensors with pointing capabilities the options also should be similar.

  • What are the system requirements to run ATCOR?

    ATCOR for IMAGINE needs a running ERDAS IMAGINE license (Minimum: IMAGINE Advantage). ATCOR for ERDAS IMAGINE is available for PC systems only. It is supported on the same OS as the equivalent version of ERDAS IMAGINE.

  • When should I use ATCOR-2 and when ATCOR-3?

    ATCOR-2 is the version of choice if the terrain covered by the imagery to be calibrated is almost flat or if a proper Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is not available. The underlying algorithm only requires an average ground elevation of the area. ATCOR-2 can also be used for fast checks and preliminary testing. For non-flat areas ATCOR-3 is recommended. For ATCOR-3 a DEM is required.

  • Which pixel size should have the DEM to get satisfying results with ATCOR-3?

    The pixel size of the DEM should be at least the pixel size of the image you want to process. The more rugged the terrain, the higher the spatial resolution of the DEM should be. If the DEM has a coarser resolution than the image (not recommended), the DEM should be re-sampled (using cubic convolution) to match the resolution of the image.

  • Can I use ATCOR with my pan-sharpened images?

    No, ATCOR requires the original spectral information as collected by the sensor. Pan-Sharpening is an irreversible process. The original information, i.e. at-sensor radiance, cannot be restored. So the retrieval of surface reflectance would fail. The same applies to image data that were modified by Dynamic Range Adjustment (DRA). Only linear spectral transformations are allowed provided that the transformation parameters are known. These transformation parameters have to be considered via the calibration file used as input for ATCOR.

  • Can I use ATCOR to correct data from hyperspectral satellite sensors?

    Currently, you can atmospherically correct images of panchromatic and multispectral sensors with ATCOR. Nevertheless, ATCOR is technically prepared to correct hyperspectral data provided that the user takes care of a correct calibration file.

  • Which sensors are currently supported by ATCOR?

    Here you can find a list of sensors that are supported by ATCOR for IMAGINE.