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ATCOR stands for "ATmospheric CORrection" of satellite image data. This remote sensing data processing removes haze as well as atmospheric and topographic effects and generates true surface characteristics. The results are brilliant images and appropriate input data for multitemporal analyzes.


ATCOR Workflow for IMAGINE is available since February 2017, and is an enhanced and updated product relaunch of ATCOR for IMAGINE.

ATCOR Workflow for IMAGINE is a new software addon for ERDAS IMAGINE, providing a superior dehaze algorithm, state-of-the-art workflow technology and an easy-to-use user interface.


ATCOR for IMAGINE ist available since more than 20 years as the renowned ERDAS IMAGINE add-on tool für atmospheric correction of satellite image data.

ATCOR for IMAGINE will reach its end-of-life with ERDAS IMAGINE version 2018. No porting to further ERDAS IMAGINE versions is foreseen.


ATCOR Workflow for IMAGINE websiteATCOR for IMAGINE website