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IMAGINE UAV - FAQ/Collaterals


  • Which UAVs are supported?

    Literally all UAVs (fixed wing and multirotor copter) are supported. IMAGINE UAV expects the recording of images similar to a normal survey flight campaign. Consider to have a stable platform and a reasonable flight height.

  • What makes IMAGINE UAV so universal?

    IMAGINE UAV provides an Orientation Editor for the creation of templates for the syntax of the different types of orientation information (generic approach) and adopts them easily.

  • What are the outputs of the UAV workflow?
    • Point cloud (e.g. Wavefront OBJ, Stanfort PLY, ASPRS LAS, LAZ, Potree, Cesium )
    • Orthomosaic (TIFF, ECW, JPEG2000, IMG)
    • Digital surface model (TIFF, IMG)
    • 3D mesh (e.g. Wavefront OBJ, VRML, COLLADA format, Stanfort PLY, Autodesk FBX, Google Earth KMZ)
    • 3D tiled mesh (e.g. Cesium 3D Tiles, Scene Layer Package format, PhotoMesh Layer)
    • Block file (BLK) incl. tie points
    • Further formats for photogrammetric software (e.g. Bundler, Omega Phi Kappa, PATB, BINGO, ORIMA, Inpho, VisionMap)
  • Are the angles omega, phi, kappa supported by IMAGINE UAV?

    Yes, with the version IMAGINE UAV 1.3.0 the introduction of angles is supported.

    Best results are achieved with the use of GPS coordinates based on RTK / GNSS tracking.  

  • Can I manually add GCPs?

    Since IMAGINE UAV is focused on an automatic workflow with high accuracy orientation input, the manual measurement of GCPs is not supported. However the usage of markers for automatic GCP measurement is supported!

  • What is the benefit of IMAGINE UAV if I do already have Agisoft Metashape?
    • Automated, easy workflow
    • Customizable through the Spatial Modeler of IMAGINE Professional
    • Mosaic output format directly as ECW or JPEG2000
    • Creation of blockfiles for using in Stereo Analyst, IMAGINE Photogrammetry and other products.
    • Orientation Format Editor (generic approach)
  • I don't want to work with ERDAS IMAGINE but process UAV data. Do you have an option for that?

    Yes! Automated processing of UAV data on the cloud is available with the GeoApp.UAS. GeoApp.UAS is a Hexagon Smart M.App that produces orthomosaics, point clouds and surface models in a simple 3-step-process. No software installation is needed. You access GeoApp.UAS via the Hexagon M.App Exchange website.

  • Are multi and hyperspectral data supported?

    Yes. All bands of the input data are kept in the created mosaic. LAS point clouds will be written in LAS 1.4 format to support storage of multispectral  band information.

  • Is there a dongle license for IMAGINE UAV?

    Currently IMAGINE UAV cannot be licensed on a hardware key/dongle?