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IMAGINE UAV - Features

Everything works perfectly. It took IMAGINE UAV 20 minutes to process all 69 photos. It works on all 8 cores of my CPU. I'm really excited.

- Rafal Dabrowski (GEOSYSTEMS Polska)

Ingest UAS Data Seamlessly into ERDAS IMAGINE

IMAGINE UAV is an embedded workflow with an easy to use interface within ERDAS IMAGINE. It is visible and usable in all ERDAS IMAGINE tiers through the IMAGINE UAV tab in the ERDAS IMAGINE toolbox as well as with a custom layout in the layout gallery.

Creating Products form Your Imagery

IMAGINE UAV automatically processes UAV data within ERDAS IMAGINE®. Fully-automated computation of ortho mosaics, point clouds and digital surface models run by a spatial model that connects to the photogrammetric algorithms within Agisoft PhotoScan.

Functions included are:

  • Tie point matching
  • Image orientation (Generic Orientation Editor)
  • Point cloud computation (LAS, Export to LAZ, HPC)
  • "True" ortho mosaic generation (TIFF, ECW, JPEG2000, IMG)
  • Digital surface model generation (TIFF, ECW, JPEG2000)

Supports Fixed Wing and Rotary Drones

IMAGINE UAV allows any kind of UAV data, no matter if it is a fixed wing or rotary drone.

Explore Your Data in Stereo

IMAGINE UAV also generates block files, which can be used in IMAGINE Photogrammetry and Stereo Analyst® directly.

Embedded Workflow in ERDAS IMAGINE

The IMAGINE UAV workflow requires minimum an IMAGINE Essentials. In combination with IMAGINE Professional the IMAGINE UAV workflow can be customized.

Expand Your Workflow to Your Needs

In combination with IMAGINE Professional®, IMAGINE UAV opens the IMAGINE Spatial Modeler with a preloaded chain of operators. The workflow may be expanded by user-specific additional algorithms or workflows in Spatial Modeler.