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Support - FAQ

  • Which software versions are currently available?

    The current versions (as by March 2018) of Hexagon Geospatial and GEOSYSTEMS software are:

    ERDAS IMAGINE2018 v16.5
    GeoMedia2018 v16.5
    ERDAS APOLLO2018 v16.5
    ERDAS Extensions für ArcGIS2016 SP2 for ArcGIS 10.5.1
    IMAGINE UAV1.4.4 for 2016 SP1
    ATCOR für IMAGINE2016
    ATCOR Workflow für IMAGINE2016 v1.0.4
  • Which are the system requirements?

    The system requirements for all products are listed in a PDF document by Hexagon Geospatial. The document lists for all software packages of the Power Portfolio the officially supported system environment regarding the operation system, processor, RAM, disk memory and more.

  • Where do I find help for licensing my 2018 Hexagon Power Portfolio software?

    Updated license files and a new License Administrator are required to run the release 2018 v16.5.

    Licensing FAQs

    Licensing videos

    For more information and support (IN GERMANY), please contact GEOSYSTEMS Licensing.

  • How do I hear about updates, service packs etc.?

    The availability of new versions or service packs are announced on the GEOSYSTEMS website under "News" and via the e-GEONEWS, the GEOSYSTEMS newsletter. Minor Releases are service packs, Major Releases are a version change (e.g. from version 2015 to version 2016). As a rule, usually in the middle of a year a Major Release is issued. Minor Releases are infrequently published. If you have an existing maintenance contract at the time of the release, you are entitled to an update (minor and major releases).

  • How do I use the GEOSYSTEMS online support portal?

    At any time you can request support in the GEOSYSTEMS online support portal, see an overview of your support requests and have access to a comprehensive knowledge base from the pool of all support tickets.

    Apply for your access to with an informal email. We will activate your online access and send you a password. If desired you can later change your password individually.

  • What's it all about with this "stereo mode"?

    For the work in stereo mode you have various modes according your available hardware. To work in the anaglyph mode (red-green glasses) you do not need any special hardware and settings. For the professional work with an active stereo system (NVIDIA or comparable), a special hardware configuration, appropriate 3D drivers and settings are necessary. There is a wide range of different options regarding hardware, graphic card, monitores,  shutter-glasses etc.

    We are happy to help! Please contact the GEOSYSTEM Support (T: +49 89 894343-44 or

  • Stereo support under Windows 10

    The stereo capable programs Stereo Analyst for IMAGINE, IMAGINE Photogrammetry, PRO600 and ORIMA support since the 2016 release Windows 10 officially (for more information see Release Guide 2016 for ERDAS IMAGINE). Only the NVIDIA-Ouadro-K-series is supported on graphic cards (see page 59 of the release guide). GEOSYSTEMS recommends the following active stereosystem:

    • Graphic card NVIDIA Quadro K600 with graphic driver 368.39
    • Nvidia 3D Vision stereo system with driver 368.39
    • Two Samsung SyncMaster 2233 monitors