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Sentinel Made Simple

A stand-alone tool by GEOSYSTEMS for the downloading and processing of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data.

Read here the "mySentinel" Case Study

With the Copernicus-Programme by the European Space Agency ESA, for the first time in history of remote sensing there are free and actual satellite images available around the clock.

The Sentinel-Satellites, specially developed for Copernicus, deliver since 2014 continuously radar data (Sentinel-1) and optical data (Sentinel-2) with high coverage rate. The developed program Sentinel Made Simple by GEOSYSTEMS (SMS) enables operational download and fast processing for Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data.

SMS is a robust, resource-friendly and autonomous procedure, to build up regional and time-controlled Sentinel archives. In addition, appropriate products can be integrated in a processing chain.


Highlights include:

  • User tailored data download.
  • Individual search for an area of interest, a timeframe (e.g. vegetation relevant products) and the consideration of cloud cover of Sentinel-2 data.
  • Fully automatized data search, download and data preparation in the background.
  • Fully automatized compensation of temporary transfer problems or server outage.
  • Fast available and automatized products: cloud-minimized mosaic for the set time frame, a cropped mosaic for the set area of interest, uniform cloud mask, a “pixel-history-layer” based on the cloud mask.
  • Configure & forget – autonomous processing in the background.
  • Suitable for all who regularly download Sentinel-Data and derive products.
  • ERDAS IMAGINE user can implement Spatial Models into the processing chain and directly process the final products further.
  • Delivery of final products as file or web service.

Please contact Irmgard Runkel for further information and prices. (T: +49 89 894343-0 or