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Es ist da: Power Portfolio 2020

Schnellere und bessere Ergebnisse mit dem Hexagon Geospatial Power Portfolio 2020. Ab sofort ist die neue Version von ERDAS IMAGINE, GeoMedia, ERDAS APOLLO etc. verfügbar.

Das neue Release 2020 enthält zahlreiche Verbesserungen und Erweiterungen, die Sie optimal bei Ihrer Geodatenverarbeitung unterstützen.

Die wichtigsten neuen Features haben wir hier für Sie zusammengefasst:

•    Additional Machine and Deep Learning classifiers are available as Spatial Model operators, enabling data-driven prediction and decision making  
•    The full ERDAS IMAGINE product suite now runs natively in 64-bit, enabling all components to leverage more of your available system memory and CPUs  
•    Compressed pyramid layer options save on disk space
•    Grey-Level Co-occurrence Matrices (GLCM)  
•    Direct-write to BigTIFF and read of Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF (COG)   
•    ImageChain printing  
•    Optimal Seamline generation in MosaicPro  

GeoMedia 2020
•    New .xlsx (Excel) and upgraded WFS-T Data Servers
•    Improvements for accessing and sharing data
•    Additional data access for spatial modelling  
•    More spatial operators including grid analytics
•    Explorer Window usability improved
•    Band selection for multi-band images
•    Updated Command Wizard for developers
•    Create Threat Domes with GeoMedia 3D
•    New style type when dashed lines and patterns coexist
•    Drag-and-drop images and file-based GeoMedia warehouses
•    Geotagged photos supported
•    Coordinate systems updates; additional horizontal and vertical datums supported
•    4K monitor support

•    Area of Interest (AOI) Notification Service  
•    Advanced Usage reporting
•    Cloud Optimized ECW storage method for AWS S3
•    TIFF Output format support from APOLLO Core service types
•    Improved handling of sub-dataset raster formats such as Sentinel-2
•    WebAssembly ECWP Browser decoder - Preview
•    New Catalog Client – Preview
•    Miscellaneous platform and performance improvements and security updates
•    Data Manager usability improvements

GeoCompressor 2020
•    Performance throughput improvements of up to 25 percent can be expected in some workflows
•    A new GeoCompressor Viewer is included as an optional, unlicensed component

Die vollständigen Release Guides sowie Installationsanleitungen finden Sie auf unserer Support-Website.

Alle Fragen zum Update beantwortet Ihnen gerne das GEOSYSTEMS Support-Team.