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Step 1 - License

IMAGINE NoClouds - License

Mandatory prerequisite for a license request is the purchase of the software at GEOSYSTEMS or your regional Hexagon Geospatial partner! For questions please contact

IMAGINE NoClouds is licensed through the GEOSYSTEMS licensing mechanism.

Please note: Dongles/hardware keys are not supported!

For requesting your IMAGINE NoClouds license, please use the following steps:

1. Download GEOSYSTEMS License Tool

2. Retrieve your HostID with the GEOSYSTEMS License Tool.

3. Apply for the IMAGINE NoClouds license file by sending an email to including the HostID and your full address.


Step 2 - Download

IMAGINE NoClouds 2020 - Download

For further questions please contact the GEOSYSTEMS support team (T: +49 89 894343 44 or