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ERDAS IMAGINE provides true value, consolidating remote sensing, photogrammetry, LiDAR analysis, basic vector analysis, and radar processing into a single product. We offer many solutions in one, incorporating the following standards, enterprise capabilities, and products:

  • Image analysis, remote sensing, and GIS
  • Support for optical panchromatic, multispectral and hyperspectral imagery, radar, and LiDAR data
  • User-friendly ribbon
  • Multi-core and distributed processing
  • Spatial modeling with raster, vector and point cloud operators, as well as real-time results preview
  • High-performance terrain preparation and mosaicking
  • A variety of change detection tools
  • ERDAS ER Mapper algorithm support
  • Ability to convert more than 190 image formats into all major file formats, including GeoTIFF, NITF, CADRG, JPEG, JPEG2000, ECW, and MrSID
  • Comprehensive OGC® web services, including Web Processing Service (WPS), Web Coverage Service (WCS), Web Mapping Service (WMS), and Catalog Services for the Web (CS-W)

ERDAS IMAGINE is the most powerful package for derived information (data production), supporting multiple workflows, including:

  • Data conversion
  • Orthorectification
  • Color balancing, mosaicking, and compression
  • Land-cover mapping and terrain categorization
  • LiDAR editing and classification
  • Map and report generation and printing through the map composer, PowerPoint®, or Word
  • Feature capture and update
  • Spatial modeling and analysis
  • Terrain creation, editing, and analysis

Available in three product tiers, ERDAS IMAGINE is capable of handling any geospatial task. Simple enough for the most novice user to get started, to those requiring robust accuracy suited for any application or project that any organization demands. All three tiers offer remarkably fast viewing and processing performance, even when handling massive data sets from any sensor in any format, dynamically.

IMAGINE Essentials®: A powerful, low-cost image and LiDAR mapping and visualization tool that allows different types  of geospatial data to be combined and quickly organized for projects. IMAGINE Essentials provides a robust set of tools for geocorrection, analysis, visualization, and map output.

A geographic imaging toolset that extends the capabilities of IMAGINE Essentials by adding more precise mapping  with sensor model support and geospatial data processing functions.The IMAGINE Advantage level allows for Point Cloud editing and includes a complete set of tools to analyze data from imagery via mosaicking, surface interpolation, radar analysis, advanced image interpretation, and orthorectification.

The most sophisticated software for geographic imaging, the Professional level of IMAGINE, includes complex hyperspectral image analysis, and advanced multispectral image classification and point cloud classification tools. It also includes graphical spatial data modeling, which is a unique capability for analyzing spatial data.The robust spatial modeler is a dynamic, graphical, spatial data modeling environment that provides real time feedback and previews. The modern interface includes extended analysis operators (including Point Cloud) as well as support for Python scripting. Authored models can be easily run in batch or published to a server (ERDAS APOLLO  WPS).

IMAGINE Expansion Pack
For IMAGINE Advantage and IMAGINE Professional you benefit in addition from a package of special modules: IMAGINE Expansion Pack. The IMAGIN Expansion Pack includes the following modules:

  • IMAGINE AutoSync: Automated image-to-image registration
  • IMAGINE DeltaCue: Change Detection
  • IMAGINE OrthoRadar: Orthorectification of SAR data
  • IMAGIN StereoSAR DEM: Terrain models from radar data
  • IMAGINE VirtualGIS: 3D-Visualisation
  • Stereo Analyst for IMAGINE: Stereo feature collection
  • IMAGINE NITF Support

Please contact us for further information about ERDAS IMAGINE: Mrs Irmgard Runkel (T: +49 89 894343-0 or