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GeoApp.UAS - Features

Geo Products at the Push of a Button: The Smart M.App for UAS Data


Calculates geo products of UAS data automatically

GeoApp.UAS calculates fully automatic ortho mosaics, point clouds and surface models of high quality in a simple 3-step-process.

Fast, secure, cloud-based

Data upload, processing and sharing in the cloud with the secure and powerful Amazon Web Services (AWS). No need to bother about software installations or storage capacities. Processsing is done within minutes or hours, according to the amount of data.

For processing UAV data on the desktop, please choose IMAGINE UAV.


GeoApp.UAS is an extremety versatile application, enabling you to work with data from any fixed wing or rotary drone.

Flexible sharing of results

The processing results (ortho mosaic, point cloud, surface models) can be shared as files or webservices.

Easy usage

With a user friendly price model, that scales the price according to time and data volume, you might choose the perfect bundle for your needs.

GeoApp.UAS is accessible at Hexagon M.App Exchange