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GeoApp.UAS - Benefits

Is processing UAS Data Cutting into your Flying Time?

UAS use has skyrocketed. How does a UAS data provider set themselves apart in such a growing market? The real differentiator is the quality of the product they deliver and the speed at which they can deliver it.

With GeoApp.UAS you have a streamlined workflow at hand enabling accurate photogrammetric processing of UAS data using computational power of the cloud.

GeoApp.UAS removes the burden of data processing from you. Because it is online, it is accessible globally, so you can upload and monitor processing from wherever your job takes you.

With less time spent processing data, you can spend more time flying missions.

"To be the most effective, we need to focus our time on acquiring the best possible imagery from our drones, and leave processing to a state-of-the art software stack. We find that utilizing GeoApp.UAS allows us to do exactly that. In addition, the pay-as-you-go pricing model allows us to offer our customers processing options that were otherwise out of reach–both from a capital investment and a practical workflow standpoint."

- Hans Hansen, Founder Dansk Drone Kompagni ApS