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Process optimization

You can recognize a really good idea by the fact that its implementation seems impossible in the first place.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955), Physicist and Nobel Prize Winner

You need to create value-added products, means applicable spatial information, out of raw data? Your results will be best when professional know-how, extensive knowledge of the software components, and general IT knowledge work hand in hand.

GEOSYSTEMS bring it all together: We help you to implement your vision. Right from the start we assist when you select suitable data, and recommend the proper methodology or procedures to be applied. Ultimately we set-up with a fully automatized process chain for you.

Being geo-IT professionals, we are also happy to support you with the integration into existing IT environments or business processes. In doing so, we pursue always the same goal – to make your spatial workflows faster, easier and more universal.

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  • Spatial modelling automates forest monitoring

    Within the framework of the EU-wide designation of regional habitat types, scientific criteria in combination with spatial data are applied to delineate suitable areas. Staatsbetrieb Sachsenforst, a government enterprise, investigated how digital surface models (delineated from LiDAR and aerial photography) can contribute to this task. GEOSYSTEMS developed on the basis of the IMAGINE Spatial Modeler a model, which integrates the required scientific rules and raster, point and vector data. Instead of a point based analysis on single testing areas, now entire areas can successfully be assessed regarding habitat types. In addition, GEOSYSTEMS implemented the model as a universal web presentation, a so called Smart M.App. The Smart M.App is accessible from any web browser and visualizes the model results dynamically as a spatial and statistical distribution. As the web-based map is easily to be interpreted, also non-GIS experts (forest practitioners, citizens, press) clearly benefit from it.

  • Saving time in forest management

    In order to assure a sustainable forestry management, in Germany forest inventories are undertaken on a regular basis. Thus, forestry experts will check the forest at predetermined sample points according to specific parameters, e.g. tree species, age structure, ownership and borders. The test is carried out on the spot in the forest, and by using current color infrared aerial photographs and forestry maps. How to provide the forest expert with aerial images and maps in a minimum of time? At Staatsbetrieb Sachsenforst (SBS), images and maps were selected manually for each sample, and handed over to the forest expert. This time-consuming process should be abbreviated. For this, GEOSYSTEMS developed the software module FGIS_WISA. It automatically generates the up-to-date aerial image and map sections on the basis of predefined inventory points, which were available in a shape file. Both, image data and maps are digitally catalogued in the ERDAS APOLLO data management system. The employees of the SBS department, who provide the material necessary for the inventory to the foresters, can easily access the catalogue from their desks. On the basis of a configuration module, they determine and adjust the search and selection parameters. SBS states that this solution is a great time saver. Data processing is now carried “alongside”, saving staff resources.

  • Automation in the Office

    At the Landesamt für innere Verwaltung Mecklenburg, the deployment of digital orthophotos was done in manual work for many years. In addition, the manual work required knowledge of different application packages. With a workflow created by GEOSYSTEMS, based on ERDAS IMAGINE, it is now possible to deliver the requested orthophoto automatically, according to the demanded user specifications. From nine mouse clicks to a single one! The staff at the Office solely select the order and click “run”. From here on all computation steps are automatically executed.

The time for the order processing is almost zero due to the newly developed process of GEOSYSTEMS. Since a complete batch control is available, only the computation time remains.

- Sven Baltrusch (Amt für Geoinformation, Vermessungs- und Katasterwesen Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)