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IMAGINE UAV - Benefits

Photogrammetric processing of UAV Data in IMAGINE.
End-to-end workflow for UAV data.


Everything works perfectly. It took IMAGINE UAV 20 minutes to process all 69 photos. It works on all 8 cores of my CPU. I‘m really excited.

- Rafal Dabrowski (GEOSYSTEMS Polska)

The amount of data being captured is increasing exponentially. This leads to the rise in demand for systematic, automatic, batchable processes that increase efficiency and return on investments. With this unified solution, you no longer need multiple vendors, interfaces, or viewers for an end-to-end UAV workflow from raw data to the creation of critical business information.

  • IMAGINE UAV derives automatically high-quality geoinformation from your UAV data. The required products of an UAV survey such as point cloud, orthomosaic, digital elevation model (DSM) and 3D mesh are available within some hours.
  • The IMAGINE UAV workflow is an ERDAS IMAGINE Spatial Model and available as add-on module.
  • IMAGINE UAV uses Agisoft Metashape (formerly: Agisoft PhotoScan) algorithms and embeds Metashape in ERDAS IMAGINE.

Efficient: No more transitioning between vendors and packages for creating DSMs, point clouds and mosaics for analytics. Bypass bottlenecks and issues with formats, projections, and more with a unified solution.

Batchable: Repeatability, accuracy, efficiency, and fast data creation utilizing the full potential of your hardware’s processing power.

End-to-end workflow with IMAGINE Professional: Append additional spatial model operators for added functionality to the IMAGINE UAV spatial model or a full analytical solution, i.e. create NDVIs, classify point clouds, calculate volume and more.


  • As user of IMAGINE Essentials you generate fast and automatically classical UAV products in the easy-to-use IMAGINE environment you are familiar with.
  • As user of IMAGINE Professional you not only produce UAV products but also generate an end-to-end workflow from raw data to the creation of critical business information.
  • If you  are  not yet using ERDAS IMAGINE, you are provided with a complete system environment for operational UAV data processing enabling you to produce, visualize, analyze and share critical spatial information.