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IMAGINE UAV - Features

Main features are:

  • Extraction of tie points
  • Image orientation (Generic Orientation Editor)
  • Calculation of point cloud
  • Calculation of “true” orthomosaic
  • Calculation of digital surface model and 3D mesh

Output Formates

  • Point cloud (e.g. Wavefront OBJ, Stanfort PLY,  ASPRS LAS, LAZ, Potree, Cesium )
  • Orthomosaic (TIFF, ECW, JPEG2000, IMG)
  • Digital surface model (TIFF, IMG)
  • 3D mesh (e.g. Wavefront OBJ, VRML, COLLADA format, Stanfort PLY,  Autodesk FBX, Google Earth KMZ)
  • 3D tiled mesh (e.g. Cesium 3D Tiles, Scene Layer Package format, PhotoMesh Layer)
  • Block file (BLK) incl. tie points
  • Further formats for photogrammetric software (e.g. Bundler, Omega Phi Kappa, PATB, BINGO, ORIMA, Inpho, VisionMap)


Marker support: Agisoft markers are supported which enable the automatic detection and measurement of ground control points. This enhanced technology provides a higher accuracy for the aerial triangulation.

Tie points inclusion in the IMAGINE Photogrammetry block file export: The integration of measured tie points improves the post processing quality in IMAGINE Photogrammetry.

Hyper- and multi-spectral image support: All input images are used in the mosaic creation and allow mosaicking without limitations.

Incomplete orientation data: Images having partial missing information can be included in the overall calculation.